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Rescue Mission taps into eBay 1-03-06

eMission for sellers at The Mission 01-11-2006

Rescue Mission taps into eBay

The Times, Tuesday, January 03, 2006

They call it e+MissionAuction.

It's the Rescue Mission of Trenton's online version of how to uncover a world of hidden treasure right in your own home. Or in the garage. Or maybe the basement. Or the attic. There is no telling what treasure you will turn up. Or where. Or what it's worth.

And while you are doing something good for yourself you are doing something historic and exciting for the Rescue Mission of Trenton.

You are playing the new and potentially profitable online world of eBay, the fastest-growing electronic marketplace in the world.

As of this past Sunday, you can sell your unwanted treasures on eBay through e+MissionAuction. By following these five steps, you can join the fun and, hopefully, turn a handy dollar or more:

1. Look in your basement, attic, closets, wherever, for no-longer-wanted valuables worth at least $30.

2. Take them to the mission's Carroll Street store located off the Perry Street exit of Route 1, directly across Perry from The Times of Trenton. There is plenty of secure parking available. In the store you will sign the agreement, which describes the e+MissionAuction procedure.

3. Or call and arrange pickup of item or items if value exceeds $250. If you live in Mercer County, ask for Brent Feldman, manager of the e+MissionAuction store. Brent will fill in all of the details.

4. The mission will clean, describe and price the item and list it for sale on eBay.

5. You will receive your check in the mail within 10 days of the sale. Unsold items must be picked up within 30 days or become the property of e+MissionAuction.

What sells on eBay? Almost anything you can think of. The mission has a printed list of items from A to Z. Come in and check it out. It will amaze you.

In order to list an item on e+MissionAuction it must have a value of at least $30. For example two recent items that went up for auction on e-Bay were a 29-piece set of Johnson Brothers dishes; and an antique pinball machine. The dishes did not sell but the pinball machine sold for $43.50.

Since starting to sell on eBay last July under the name of e+MissionAuction, 321 items have been sold, generating sales of $11,338. According to Feldman, coordinator of eBay sales and head of the new store division, "This is probably 10 times the amount we would have been able to sell that merchandise for."

Here are a few more of what has been sold from the beginning on e-Bay:

-- Fiesta accordion, $150
-- Copier machine, $1,200
-- 23 crystal glasses, $114
-- Coin set, $102.50
-- Weber Grill, $81
-- Camera tripod $73
-- Assorted Lenox, $66.61

There are a number of ways you can support e+MissionAuction, the mission's latest entrepreneurial venture. First, begin to look around for long-ignored treasures and place them on eBay through the mission. Then tell all of your friends about e+MissionAuction. That helps a lot. Next, and this is extremely important, help us identify individuals who are knowledgeable about specific items like books, china, clocks, coins, collectibles, jewelry, silver, sports gear, vintage clothing, etc. This will be extremely helpful.

Cyberspace has thus provided the Rescue Mission of Trenton with the opportunity to sell items to customers all over the world and, at the same time, create new challenging work therapy assignments for mission clients. By taking part we will all be winners.

Arnold Ropeik is senior editor of The Times.

eMission for sellers at The Mission

Trentonian, 01/11/2006
Column by Alex Richmond

Attention those who do not care much for saving money, or for making extra money: This may not be a column for you.

Okay, my dear, local, thrifty readers. The wasteful types have left us. Now I can tell you about what is possibly the best thing to happen to Trenton in recent history.

The Rescue Mission of Trenton wants to help you make money on eBay. You bring them your old crap, they list it, pack it, and ship it for you. If your old crap does not sell, you pay no eBay fee. Meaning: you have almost nothing to lose, and only extra cash to gain.

Does this sound more like e-mail spam, or just plain too good to be true?

Frankly, what I find too good to be true are the thrift stores in Trenton. And the thrift at the Mission ranks right at the top.

At the Mission's thrift store I have scored two real Gucci purses (not knock-offs, though those are plentiful, and for $1, a much better buy than a "new" knock-off), practically new Gap jeans, and countless cashmere sweaters, all at an unbeatable bargain of less than $2 per pound.

Though everything I get at the Mission Thrift is for my own personal use, there are a lot of people I see that are clearly "pickers," grabbing up armfuls of interesting, vintage stuff that they think they can sell, either in a store or online.

This may be ethically debatable to some, but it's how a lot of people make a living: finding old or rare items and selling them at a whopping profit. Sort of a loser's weepers thing, or knowing the value of what you have, or knowing that some people will pay a lot for something that can be had for a fraction of the sticker price. Or a combination of all three.

Then there is the point when all that searching for your dream items result in having Too Much Crap. Then, you need to purge. I just try to purge about the same amount that I bring home, an equal in-and-out routine. But for the people swimming in knickknacks, now's the time for a clean sweep.

Here are the facts:

The Mission's set-up is completely different from you listing and selling your stuff yourself on eBay, which would of course include fees, packing, standing around in the post office.

If you have items you think you can sell for $30 to $1000, bring them to the Mission. They take a small percentage of the sale of the item, and eBay's listing fees are between 5% and 1% of the cost of the item. PayPal fees are 2.9%.

The best part? The teeny percentage the Mission takes from the sale of your old crap goes to help run their emergency shelter, weekend soup kitchen, and long-term programs, which is good for Mercer County and all the people it serves.

Bring your items to the Rescue Mission's E+Mission Auction on 98 Carroll Street, Mon.-Sat., 9am-4pm, or call for more info: 609-695-1436..

Alex Richmond is a columnist and staff writer for the Trentonian. She may be reached at arichmond@trentonian.com.



Phone: 609-695-1436 ext. 122

Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm

You must be at least 18 years of age, legal owner of the item, and have the right to sell it.