Standard Listing

Includes: Expert description of auction, 3 digital photographs, and gallery listing. If your item does not sell - no fees to you. Your item should at least have a value of $250.*

Auction Deluxe $19.95

Credited to e+MissionAuction when your item sells. Includes all Standard Listing Features
Set your reserve price up to $200 maximum and option BUY IT NOW for a fixed price.

Furniture Auction Listing $249.95

Credited towards e+MissionAuction when your item sells.

The Fine Print:

e+Mission Auction will not refund any listing fees if any item presented is removed by eBay or returned by the buyer as not a genuine item as presented. We will notify you of the sale or non-sale of your item. If item is unsold seller has 30 days to relist or claim the item. Unclaimed items become the property of e+Mission Auction.


25% from $250 - $499
20% from $500 - $999
15% from $1000 - and up

e-Bay FEES

Standard Listing & Gallery Fee $1.00
8.75% up to $25.00
3.50% $25.01 to $1000.00
1.5% $1000.01 and up


2.9% plus $0.30
only if buyer uses PayPal

*No Sale No Fee Offer on Standard Listings Only

Phone: 609-695-1436 ext. 122

Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm
98 Carroll Street, Trenton, New Jersey

You must be at least 18 years of age, legal owner of the item, and have the right to sell it.